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#TF23 #Humor #Writing #Contest Winning Entries Announced

The Humor-Writing Contests results are in, and we want to thank all those who entered. We’re presently in the process of notifying the winners, so you can reach out and congratulate them.

Winning Entries

Radio Playscript

First-Place Winner

“Mr. Bright Side” – Nicky Denovan

Click HERE to hear a radio-broadcast production by KKRN’s Scratched Up Radio Theater – 12 min TRT

Honorable mentions

“Shrinkage” – Eric Morlock

“Making The Cut” – William Brasse

“It’s Only Logical” – Barry M. Putt, Jr.

“It All Adds Up” – J.R. Spaulding Jr.

Funny Pet Stories – View entries by clicking on title

First-Place Winner

“How To Give a Dog a Bath” – BV Poston

Honorable mentions

Huppah! – Nonayobis

Budleigh! In! Space! – Jaffster

Family/Romance/Siblings stories – View entries by clicking on title

First-Place Winner

Flower Power – Shelia Hudson

Honorable mentions

The Marriage Contract – Helen C. Mao

My Sister Was a Badass First-Grader – Jesseca Timmons

Little Santa – KMG


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