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Humor is everywhere, and it’s hard to keep up. This page is our jumping-off point for all sorts of authors, artists, songwriters, performers, and “Funny Stuff” in general. We encourage you to check back from time to time as our list is ever-expanding.

Check out our list by clicking this link.

If you find yourself mentioned here, then good on you. And if so, and you’d like to change out the picture we chose or add some additional information, please let us know. Our goal is and remains to create a community of humorists and offer helpful and supportive resources–no matter where you are on your creative journey.

And if we mention you, and you’d rather not be here, say you’re hanging out in witness protection or you just hat fan mail, we’ll honor that and pull you from our honor roll.

Finally, if you think there’s are up-and-coming funny people we should know about, then please email us with some links. We will feature already-well-known creatives, but mostly we want to uplift and help promote those who might otherwise be missed. We’d like to see their material. We’re looking to offer up links to that point to material suitable for all ages and that is not cruel. That’s the only deal-breaker for us. You can send referrals to:

Thanks for your time!

Robb Lightfoot, Director

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