Screenshot of Crowdcast page defining their terms.

ThinkingFunny21 will be using Crowdcast as its venue/platform. You can click here to register here for the conference.

The registration process uses a term that may be a bit confusing. So, when you’re registering, you’re shown a green “join” box, just prior to payment. But this is how you register for the April 3, 2021 event.

Do remember to use any discount coupons need to be applied prior to payment. The link for coupon-use is just below the “join” box.

For those of you Familiar with Zoom, Crowdcast has a significantly different look and feel. The presenters are featured on the screen, and attendees can interact one another in text-chat as well as pose questions to the presenters during the live session. These questions are available for all to see, and fellow attendees are encouraged to upvote any question they like.

Presenters will be able to chose and answer questions as their time and inclination permit. Questions also will be “bookmarked.” This means that, if you chose to rewatch a session later, you can go directly to a specific part of the Q and A session.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions prior to or during the event. Crowdcast has, as you’d expect, helpful FAQs. But we will have a tech-support person on our end available to troubleshoot, too. You can read about the Crowdcast “story” and their commitment to social good by clicking here.

Thanks again for signing up for our event and becoming a part of our community. Our goal is to offer actionable advice and connect you with professionals and peers that can help. As most established writers will tell you, no one makes it into print entirely on their own. For many of us in the conference, this is a pay-it-forward effort to, as best we can, help others as we ourselves have been helped.

And we all hope to have fun doing this, too.