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CLOSED – FREE No-Fee Writing Contest ThinkingFunny23 Radio Scripts

Thank you to our 100+ entrants! You will be keeping our four judges busy. Results to be announced in March.

CONTEST CLOSED – Below were the specs, FYI, for next year’s aspiring entrants.

There’s no cost to enter our radio scriptwriting contest! ThinkingFunny23 is seeking playscripts -for broadcast, with cash prizes for winning entries. Entry information is below. Click here to see ALL contests currently offered by ThinkingFunny.com.

Radio Scripts – This is a FREE (no entry fee) contest with the following rules and requirements.

  1. The script may be in any genre, mystery, horror, adventure, western, etc., but the overall tone must be humorous/comedic and it must be in English.
  2. Script entries must run, reading time, between 10 to 25 minutes. Please include word count. The script should have between two to eight characters, including any narrator. Sound effects should be denoted as a part of the script. Material must be suitable for public broadcast, and entries will be considered for performance and broadcast on KKRN’s “Scratched Up Radio Theater.”
  3. The submission deadline for entries is March 17th, 2023 at midnight Pacific Time, or until such time as a maximum of 100 entries have been received. Entries will be considered in the order in which they have been received.
  4. There is NO entry fee for this contest. Entrants can submit more than one script and scripts may have multiple playwrights. In the case of multiple authorship, the entry must have permission of ALL playrights to be entered and, possibly, be used as described herein.
  5. Cash prize of $100 will be awarded to the winning entry and may, at the station’s discretion and availability of air-time, include on-air broadcast and post-broadcast internet streaming. Honorable mentions of $25 may also be awarded at the judges’ discretion.
  6. Submission of your script(s) indicate permission, on behalf of all playwrights that created the work, for KKRN to cast, produce, and reserves the non-exclusive right to broadcast the entry and leave a copy available of this broadcast (not the script itself) available for future download. If selected for performance and broadcast, KKRN will include full recoginition of the creators and feature brief bio(s) of all playwrights. This is a non-exclusive grant and does not bar the playwrights from later use of their work.
  7. Entries must be submitted in the following formats: .doc, .docx, or (preferred) .pdf.
  8. Entries must be submitted as attachments to scripts@thinkingfunny.com
  9. An excerpt of the winning entry will be shared at the ThinkingFunny23 after-party on April 1, 2023. Free admission to this after-party will be provided to all playwrights who won.

Click here to see the Funny Pet Stories contest entry information, here to see the Funny Courtship Stories, and click here to see the “Celebrating Siblings” humor-writing contest.

All ThinkingFunny.com contests are open to individuals who are the creators of the material they submit and that possess the rights to enter them and allow them to be published/broadcast. Note the specific terms above in each contest. Rights remain with the creators subject to the terms outlined in each contest. Fees and prizes vary by contest, as noted above.

The judges decisions are final. Entries will be read during the ThinkingFunny23 after-party on April 1, 2023, and a recording of this event will remain available to paid attendees (not open to the general public or on the “open net”) for one year.

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