TF23-Presenter Bios

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We're proud to offer sessions with a talented cadre of experts who know their craft and are able to teach with authority and pizzaz.

Click here to register see them online via Crowdcast @ ThinkingFunny23, April 1, 2023, 8:30 am to 6 pm Pacific Time, with a 6:30-8 pm afterparty on Zoom.

In alphabetical order

Joanna Briley - Standup Comedy

Michael Carr, Agent

Doni Chamberlain - Column Writing

Dave Fox - Journaling/Memoirs & Travel

Nancy Fulton - Kindle Publishing For Profit

Jerome Kurntenbach - Laughable Lyrics

Michael Larsen - Agents Panel

Robb Lightfoot - Column Writing

Leighann Lord - Standup Comedy

Carole Montgomery - Standup Comedy

Dorothy Rosby - Column Writing

Michelle Spencer - Column Writing

Tom Smith - Laughable Lyrics

Mike Stepanovich - Column Writing

Steve VanZant - Laughable Lyrics

John Vorhaus - Comic Toolbox/Creating Comedic Characters

Gordon Warnock - Agents Panel

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