Alumi News – David Volk

We’re happy to offer recognition to our own. ThinkingFunny21’s own Alumnus David Volk has a great piece on Medium. Click here to check it out. David is a Seattle freelance writer focused on snarky political humor/general silliness. You can visit his Facebook […]

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2021 Conference Headliners

Click Here To Register Click here to see the conference schedule. Here’s who you can look forward to meeting! #humorwriting #comedywriting #songwriting #storyboarding #standup #travelwriting

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ThinkingFunny21 – Event Schedule

Click Here To Register Whether you’re writing a humor column, novel, non-fiction book, putting together a stand-up routine, scribbling a sitcom script or screenplay,  crafting silly songs, drafting a storyboard, or writing a query letter, this conference can help. Register for ThinkingFunny21 […]

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Create Your Comic World – ThinkingFunny21 Humor Conference

Have you ever wanted to create your very own ensemble comedy “world” from scratch? If so, you won’t want to miss John Vorhaus’s session at ThinkingFunny21. Vorhaus is an experienced sitcom writer and the author of many books, including the Little Book […]

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