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Alumi News – David Volk

We’re happy to offer recognition to our own. ThinkingFunny21’s own Alumnus David Volk has a great piece on Medium. Click here to check it out. David is a Seattle freelance writer focused on snarky political humor/general silliness. You can visit his Facebook […]

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Insider Discounts

Conferences and workshops are great. That’s why we do them. We do our best to keep the cost down, but if you’re experiencing sticker-shock, there are ways to get discounts. One of those is join us on Patreon. Most our levels offer […]

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Supporting A Fair Deal For Animation Writers

Step up fo fair pay and rights for animation writers. Here’s a union-friendly posting for that specialty. This is coming up fast. Please pass this along to anyone who might benefit and/or be able to attend. Here’s the link to a document […]

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No-Fee Humor Writing Contest – ThinkingFunny22

Win $100 and free entry to this year’s ThinkingFunny22 Humor-Writing Conference. Entries are being accepted in three categories Memoirs/Travel Family-Friendly Tales Humor used in a serious (non-fiction) topic Fees – There is no cost to enter. Rights – Author retains all rights […]

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Humor Outcasts – Much To Enjoy There

There are many places on the web where you can find humor, but Humor Outcasts is a place that has shared and supported humor for many years. Look at their list of regular contributors and you’ll see names that show up elsewhere, […]

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