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Conferences and workshops are great. That’s why we do them. We do our best to keep the cost down, but if you’re experiencing sticker-shock, there are ways to get discounts. One of those is join us on Patreon. Most our levels offer a small monthly fee that also gives you substantial discounts–or even free–access to the conference and other events we offer through the year.

But, really, the core idea of our team is to build a community that offers ongoing support in the form best suited to your needs. And if Patreon isn’t for you, then check out our other no-cost ways of getting involved. You can subscribe to our no-spam newsletter. Just use the form on the right column, and we’re on other social media, such as Facebook, too, at no cost. Click here to join us there. And our podcasts, interviews, and resources are on YouTube. We have both public and members-only, unlisted videos.

Right now, we’re looking for feedback on the sort of writing groups that would serve you best. Would you like a small group that meets weekly on Zoom? Is email better, or a private message-board? We can even help facilitate a face-to-face group in a community, if you’d prefer. Drop us a line to let us know at