How do I register for the April 2, 2022 conference?

Glad you asked! Click here to register and if you missed the day-of, you will still have access to the recordings until March 2023!

Who is presenting? What are the sessions?

Sessions go from a general toolkit of techniques to specific advice on sitcoms, standup, humorous column-writing, travel-writing, memoirs, and how to use humor effectively when writing about serious subjects.`

There also are three Sunday, April 3, 2022. Our Masterclasses are 90 minutes in length. Enrollment is limited to 15 participants who will get individualized feedback. You can learn more by clicking here.

Who is behind ThinkingFunny.com?

Robb Lightfoot launched this effort, but many people stepped up to help along the way. They’re mentioned in the supporters’ link.

Who is Robb Lightfoot?

He’s the current director of ThinkingFunny.com and its various activities, including a conference, publications, and an upcoming podcast. His background includes print journalism and PR, but most of his professional life was spent teaching college classes in communication, media, journalism, and the performing arts. He holds master’s degrees in the fields of speech communication and event management. But more importantly, Robb has a passion for humor that dates back to his childhood. He has four humor books in print, been published in the Funny Times, and recognized by the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop for his writing and performing. You can see his author website at www.robblightfoot.com.

Why this site?

To reboot an old quote from Bobby Kennedy, “Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream of things that never were, and say why not?’”

This site is a response to the belief that the various forms of humorous and comedic invention can teach us all something. There are tools, techniques, and challenges unique to each artistic form, but studying them and experimenting with cross-application of these ideas.

We also want to have a one-stop shop for resources and materials for writers and performers at all levels of professional development. We’re happy to include your books, performances, or web pages if they are helpful. Drop us a line at resources@thinkingfunny.com.

ThinkingFunny.com also seeks to build particular type of community. We aspire to reach, to teach, and to foster writers who think it’s possible to write comedy that isn’t cruel. Moreover, we are here to promote works that are socially aware of injustice, inequities and those who are vulnerable. There’s a phrase from standup comedy that kindness dictates a comic should not “punch down.” That said, we won’t shirk from speaking truth to power. But when this sword is wielded, it will take aim at bad behavior rather than the offender’s appearance or demographic traits.

Why isn’t the conference free?

Our session presenters get a stipend, and the Crowdcast platform also is an expense. It’s our goal to break even and have a bit left for seed money for the coming year. We work to price the conference to be accessible and a good value. Click here to register.

We strongly believe that artists should be paid for their work and not just offered “exposure.” So, your paid fee helps support them and keep this community-building effort going. Thank you!

Click here to check out our free-to-enter writing contest that offers cash prizes and free passes to the conference. We encourage you to take advantage of this option.

Updated 2-25-2022