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Saturday, April 3, 2021 (all times are Pacific Time, Los Angeles)

9 am – Welcome and Introductions

9:30-10:25 am – Session 1 – John Vorhaus – A Crash Course in Comic Tools

Join John Vorhaus, author of The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny Even if You’re Not, for a quick hit of everything that makes things funny: truth and pain; cruelty; exaggeration; taboo. Come away with actionable advice and craft tips that you can apply to everything you write, say, or paint with a funny brush.

10:30-11:25 am – Session 2 – Dave Fox – Travel Catastrophes for Fun and Profit: Making Your Adventures Into Salable Stories

Dave Fox is an international traveler who has led groups into and out of exotic settings. He’s also the author of Globejotting and Getting Lost. He’ll be showing us how to tell funny tales, and then sell them as blog posts, columns, and articles.

11:30 am-12:25 pm – Session 3 – Talking Comedy with Coach Judy Carter and a Panel of Stand-up Comics

Stand-up Comedy is often the cutting-edge of our culture and a great way of testing ideas. But performing before a live audience brings its own challenges. Join a panel of performers, including Judy CarterLeighann Lord and Brian Wetzel, as they talk about how they approach stand-up. This session will look at the craft of comedy as well as the practical realities of making a career in stand-up.

12:30-1 pm – Lunch

1-1:55 pm – Session 4 – John Vorhaus – Creating Comic Characters

What’s a comic filter? How can you use it to make characters relentlessly funny? What else do you need to know in order to create an ensemble of oddballs and generate a steady stream of story ideas? Join John Vorhaus as he attempts to answer those questions in less than an hour, with time left over for Q&A.

2-2:55 pm – Session 5 – Music With Mirth – A Panel of Songwriters Talk About How They Compose Comedic Lyrics and Tunes

Join us for a session on how songwriters go about writing and performing silly songs. Artists include Sara HoxieLeah Sprecher, and Steve Van Zant of the Banana Slug String Band.

3-4:25 pm – Session 6 – Seeing Is Laughing – Visual Artists Share Their Craft of Comic Storytelling

Visual artists have unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to creating comedy on the page. Join this session with John Ramirez, Disney TV storyboard artist. John has worked for decades in the industry in positions ranging from animating and storyboard artist to theme park, parade, and show designer. He’s also worked as a visual development artist and art director. Session will be moderated by Dave Master, a multi-talented animator, teacher, and pay-it-forward advocate of fostering creative communities.

4:30-5:25 pm – Session 7 – Agents and Editors Panel – Getting Your Comedy Into Print

Most people love to laugh, and you’re writing a funny book. Perfect! But if you’re serious about finding a publisher, you must understand the needs and expectations of agents and editors. This session will cover the basics of surveying the marketplace, effective pitching, and working with an editor. You’ll increase your chances of success if you understand the needs and expectations of these professionals and what behaviors constitute “best practices” in the industry. Agents Gordon Warnock, Savannah Brooks, and Andy Ross will share their insights.

5:30 pm – Session 8 – Closing – Creating Comedy That Cares In Difficult Times

Panel discussion about kind-hearted comedy in an age of unrest.

6 pm – After Party!

The party will start here and also be available in a “companion” Zoom room. Here’ your chance to connect with potential writing partners or to find beta-readers.

This event was organized by Robb Lightfoot, a humorist and educator who has spent more than 40 years refining his craft and helping teach it to other.

Participants of this event are welcome, after the event, to join a private Facebook Group, ThinkingFunny – Comedy Writing Community. Just send a request to robb@thinkingfunny.com.

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