Photo of Keith Gilbertson and Jim Pecarovich.

Celebrating Siblings! Rules & Entry Form

Note – To increase participation, we’ve eliminated the entry fee and made this a free contest. To this end, this category has been combined with the “family” category. Anyone affected by this change has had his/her entry fee refunded. You may enter the combined category by clicking here.

Also, please keep in mind that we’re using brand-new-to-us software to offer this contest, and while we’ve taken pains to test it and set it up, it’s likely there will be some teething problems. Bear with us and email us with any issues, questions or concerns at

All contests are open to individuals who are the creators/owners of the material they submit and that possess the rights to enter them and allow them to be published/broadcast. Note the specific terms above in each contest. Rights remain with the creators subject to the terms outlined in each contest. Fees and prizes vary by contest, as noted above.

Contest closes March 24, 2023, at midnight Pacific Time.

Votes are tabulated by web software, and this will be used by the screening committee to select finalists. and judges’ decisions are final. Winning entries will be read during the ThinkingFunny23 after-party on April 1, 2023, and a recording of this event will remain available to paid attendees (not open to the general public or on the “open net”) for one year.

You may view entries and vote on them by clicking here.

You can register for the all-day humor & comedy-writing conference by clicking here.

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