Photo of Keith Gilbertson and Jim Pecarovich.

Celebrating Siblings! Rules & Entry Form

Our “final” contest for 2023 is a combination of a People’s Choice award, for $150 and also a $150 prize to be awarded by our panel of judges. Yes, it’s possible to win both, and yes, only one fee is required for this particular contest to be eligible for both. Additional honarable mentions of $50 may be awarded at the judges’ discretion and depending on the size of the entry pool.

Fifty percent of the net proceeds of this contest will go to The Boys and Girls Club of Chico, California.

Please read these rules carefully as they differ somewhat from our other contests.

These stories should be non-fiction and previously unpublished either in print or on the web, including your own blog.

They should celebrate the joys and, yes, frustrations of having siblings. If you submit a story, it may be about your own sibling, or a story that is from your extended family.

Please note that the “people’s choice” portion of this contest uses voting software that publicly displays the entries on this web page to be voted upon by readers. Winning entries will remain on display, but will still be owned by the author or authors.

See below for the rules. Entry is here, on this webpage, as per the instructions.

Celebrating Siblings Stories– This contest requires a $15 entry-fee, and entries must meet the following rules and requirements detailed below. Note that 50% of this contest’s net proceeds will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Chico, California.

  1. The story must be unpublished. It may be under consideration elsewhere but unpublished as of April 1, 2023.
  2. The story should run between 1,000 and 5,000 words, with shorter stories being preferred.
  3. You may enter more than one story, but each story requires a separate entry fee and must be posted separately.
  4. Any author or authors submiting their work to this contest affirm their owership/control of the entry and ability to share it as per the terms below.
  5. A $15 entry fee, payable via Stripe or PayPal using a debit or credit card may be made using the link below.
  6. You may submit additional entries, but these also require a $15 fee, each.
  7. Members of the team, the staff of the Boys and Girls Club of Chico, and their families are prohibited from entering this competition.
  8. Fifty percent of this contest’s net proceeds to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Chico, California.
  9. A cash prize of $150 based on the People’s Choice ratings in the online poll. Another $150 will be awarded based on the decisions of our judge’s panel. The criteria include the artful use of humor, characterization, effective plotting/pacing, economy of style, and the degree to which the story is engaging and emotionally compelling.
  10. Honorable mentions of $50 and additional recoginition and prizes also may be awarded depending on the size of the entry pool and as per the judges’ discretion.
  11. Submission of your story grants permission to to publicly display your entry on this website during the contest. Winning entries also may be shown on this website for an indefinite period thereafter. This is an irrevocable but non-exclusive grant and does not preclude authors from selling their work elsewhere.
  12. Entries must be submitted below online, on this website, using the “description” text-box where it says “start writing.” Please paste your entry into this space, only one entry per posting. You’ll also need to upload an appropriate image along with your entry. It can be a photo of you or your sibling, or both, or something random. It’s just a requirement of the contest software. You also need permission and copyright ownership to upload your chosen image.
  13. All entries must be received no later than March 24th, 2023 at midnight Pacific Time.
  14. An excerpt of the winning entry and any honorable mentions will be read at the ThinkingFunny23 online after-party on April 1, 2023, beginning 6 pm Pacific Time. Free admission to this after-party will be provided to all authors who submitted winning entries.

Note – Full disclosure. We’re using brand-new-to-us software to offer this contest, and while we’ve taken pains to test it and set it up, it’s likely there will be some teething problems. Please bear with us and email us with any issues, questions or concerns at

Click here to see free-to-enter “Humorous Radio Script” playwrighting competition. Click here to see the “Courtship Stories” writing contest rules and entry information, and click here to see the rules and enter the “Funny Pet Stories” writing contest.

All contests are open to individuals who are the creators/owners of the material they submit and that possess the rights to enter them and allow them to be published/broadcast. Note the specific terms above in each contest. Rights remain with the creators subject to the terms outlined in each contest. Fees and prizes vary by contest, as noted above.

The screening committee’s and judges’ decisions are final. Winning entries will be read during the ThinkingFunny23 after-party on April 1, 2023, and a recording of this event will remain available to paid attendees (not open to the general public or on the “open net”) for one year.

You may view entries and vote on them by clicking here.

This contest celebrates our siblings, and is dedicated to the memory of our departed brothers, Keith Gilbertson and Jim Pecarovich, two of the funniest and most loving people that ever walked the Earth.

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