April 3, 2021 – Save the Date!

    The first weekend in April. Not quite on April Fool’s day, but then we’re not quite fools ourselves. You can see the event lineup by clicking here, and you can register by clicking here. Questions? Contact us at: info @ thinkingfunny.com.

      My Little Sister’s Roller Skates

      This piece was awarded the Nickie’s Prize for humor in September 2020, this is it’s first place to appear. It’s offered to newsletter subscribers. Sign up for the free, no-spam newsletter.

        The Origin of Or So It Seems stories

        This was the debut column “back in the day.” The series has spun off several variations, including “ThinkingFunny.com,” and “TheLandOfBadIdeas.com.” Now, orsoitseems.com is the home of long-form humor/mysteries.

          Mom’s Wind Chimes

          This story was originally published in February 2020 as first runner-up for the 2020 Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference in its global human interest category. It’s listed on the Centerville Library, of Dayton Ohio’s, website. But all rights remain with Robb Lightfoot This story is available to newsletter subscribers. To see it, please subscribe to the Robb’s newsletter and you’ll get a password!

            ThinkingFunny.com Reboot

            Hello all. I’ve reset this website to allow the content to align with it’s revised goal — to provide a body of resources and as a focal point of the ThinkingFunny.com Comedy-Humor Conference and Workshop. ThinkingFunny.com is still a publishing house, and […]