Robb Lightfoot – The Guy Behind

Robb Lightfoot is the founder and director of He’s a humorist, author, and public speaker. But more than anything else, he’s a teacher who loves to laugh and help people overcome their fears about getting on stage and speaking their personal […]

Lightfoot’s Thesis Committee

The Humor & Comedy-Writing conference would not be possible without the education, events-training, and research support I have received through the graduate program in Recreation Administration at the California State University, Chico. I want to give special recognition to the three […]

ThinkingFunny21 – Early Bird Savings

Do you want to start the new year with a smile of anticipation on your face? Are you looking for one last tax-deduction in 2020? Click here to register for the event. Then sign up now for the ThinkingFunny21 Humor and Comedy-Writing […]

TF21 – ThinkingFunny on Crowdcast! 4-3-21

Click here to register for the event. We’re working hard on our “TFCHC” 21, The ThinkingFunny Comedy-Humor Conference of 2021. This event debuts on April 3rd, or 4-3-2-1! Our lineup has experienced comedy & humor teachers in the areas of script-writing, stand-up, […]