Agent Savannah Brooks at ThinkingFunny22

We here at believe that the best stories can make you laugh and make you think. By all accounts, agent Savannah Brooks agrees. That’s why she’s such a great fit for ThinkingFunny21, the April 2, 2022 Humor & Comedy-Writing Conference. The agents panel […]

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The Agent’s Agent – Michael Larsen – Thinkingfunny22

For more than 50 years Mike Larsen has been helping authors find their way into print. Mike Larsen is an author coach who loves helping writers achieve their goals by adding value to their readers’ lives. He started helping writers find their […]

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Agent Gordon Warnock – ThinkingFunny22

Gordon Warnock, Partner at Fuse Literary, works with New York Times bestsellers and debut authors alike. He will be one of a group of panelists helping writers better understand theins and outs of what agents do and how they pick their clients. […]

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ThinkingFunny22 – Adds Agents Panel

Good news! We’ve added two more sessions and kept the registration fee the same. Click here to register. This session will features Savannah Brooks of the Loft Literary Center, author-agent Michael Larsen, and Gordon Warnock, of Fuse Literary discussing how to work […]

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Tips on Crafting Proposals From the Man Who “Wrote the Book” – Andy Ross on Agents’ Panel at ThinkingFunny21

Andy Ross is the author of  The Literary Agent’s Guide to Writing a Non-Fiction Book Proposal, and he’ll be helping our conference attendees understand the process of finding a marketable concept and doing the research necessary to make a credible book proposal. […]

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