No-Fee Humor Writing Contest – ThinkingFunny22

Win $100 and free entry to this year’s ThinkingFunny22 Humor-Writing Conference. Entries are being accepted in three categories Memoirs/Travel Family-Friendly Tales Humor used in a serious (non-fiction) topic Fees – There is no cost to enter. Rights – Author retains all rights […]

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ThinkingFunny22 Welcomes “Rock Your Writing” Author and Coach Cathy Yardley

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of novelist and writing coach, Cathy Yardley, to the team of ThinkingFunny22. ThinkingFunny22 conference will be live, via CrowdCast, April 2, 2022, Saturday from 10:30 am to 6 pm Pacific Time. Click here to register for […]

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Dave Fox – You’re Funnier Than You Think – ThinkingFunny22

“You might not know this but humor is lurking all around you. It can be stealthy however. Sometimes it bites us and we don’t even notice it. In this workshop, humor and travel writer Dave Fox will teach you how to turn […]

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The Agent’s Agent – Michael Larsen – Thinkingfunny22

For more than 50 years Mike Larsen has been helping authors find their way into print. Mike Larsen is an author coach who loves helping writers achieve their goals by adding value to their readers’ lives. He started helping writers find their […]

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Agent Gordon Warnock – ThinkingFunny22

Gordon Warnock, Partner at Fuse Literary, works with New York Times bestsellers and debut authors alike. He will be one of a group of panelists helping writers better understand theins and outs of what agents do and how they pick their clients. […]

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